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Monday, September 21, 2009

Lost & Found - A tribute!

So, i was searching something to write on.. But there were so much things goin' around that i couldn't decide on whether i should discuss about the tiring ride of 150+ km a day(wouldn't have been possible without mah apache), the fuckin' traffic(the hours spend for reaching a 10min distance), the steering wheels in stupid girls hand(who told that women can ride cars, two minor mishaps, and still attitude, huh? a girl had to end up with me showing her mah middle finger), the 200bucks bribe to traffic police(that too after negotiation, his deal was 1100 for dangerous driving, i just wish that i had his revolver), my bad financial condition(too bad to even mention), my unstable mind(pendulum, u see) or my not so creative creativity(with which i would end up with another boring post).

I thought that i would dedicate this post to a old friend of mine, with whom i m not in touch since long time, communication gap u know.. Anyways, what is bothering me is that my friend has lost the creative bird inside... somehow, as far as i had seen when we were in touch.. Creativity has a lot of value, who else better than me would understand it. As we say, we value things once we don't have it, and i never had this thing. Going through my old documents i just came through this poem which showed a lovers perception in her teens. If by any chance my friend visits this, i would just like to express that "You rOcK ma frIeNd" , don't let your creativity die by lame words like, i don't know how to express myself or what to say.. I'll always miss You n your talent as well, which always gave me encouragement...

Here it is,

"Why does it feels so good?
Why do I feel that I love you?
Is it a sweet old dream,
or is it really true?

How come I keep loving You?
how come i always see myself with you?
Is this my wild Imagination,
Or is this really you?

Why does it feels so good on being with u?
Why do i feel that i can leave the world for u?
Wouldn't it be perfect,
I you say, "I love you"

How come is my dreams I only see u?
How come I really dream about u?
Is it really true,
that i love You.

I think so becoz I know,
You are my dreams come true.
That's why is the whole world,
"I love only you"

Becoz you mean so much to me,
Becoz I love you So,
Becoz your love has given me,
The greatest joy I ever know.

Becoz you are such a part of me,
of all i think and do,
It will take a lifetime just to show,
How dearly, I Love You."


rimz said...

The poem is very romantic and superb..
i jsut paray n hope u again come in contact wid that frnd of ur's. The write is truely awesome.
The next time u meet that person( m sure u'll meet soon..:) ) give my best wishes also to that person for such nice creativity....

N ya, thanx fr droppin by my blog n reading all the post n commenting..thanx a lot...:)

tk cre...
n btw d post was not boring.

mahima said...

the poem is nice. who wrote it? by the way... there is something about this poem that i have to tell you. i will post that comment after few days. and the pic is cute

Atulya said...

@ Rimz: Even i can hope that i meet her, but i knw it's too late.. anyways, ur blogs are treat to read.. n thanx that u didn't find the post boring much to my surprise..

thanx again, u 2 tk cr..

Atulya said...

@ mahima: Thanx for ur appreciation abt the poem n pic.. As if u don't knw who wrote it.. N trust me, there is nothing in this poem to talk about anymore..

thanx for ur comment..

Anonymous said...

really great poem...so sweet...if u don't mind i will send this to somebody....
really nice poem...[:)]..

Atulya said...

@ Preeti: thanx on behalf of who wrote it n yeah u can use it, if it is useful for u..