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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Read Your Eyes !

I lost my heart in those eyes,
I lost my mind in those eyes,
People say eyes can kill,
But i m not dead,
I can die for those eyes 100 times, i feel.
You say nothing,
still i read a lot.

Your eyes tell me to look better,
or is it my insecurity?
I don't know why, 
I get feelings to look at my best, 
Whenever i have to face those damn killer eyes.
You say nothing,
still i want to read a lot...

Your actions makes me feel unwanted,
Then Y those eyes say that u need me.
Your words hurt me alot sometimes,
But those eyes confesses, it wasn't intended, 
infact it can never be..
You say nothing,
still do i really read a lot?

Sometimes You don't need words to say,
You trust me, even if i shout at u
You missed me, when i was not there
You want me to be with u, when things go apart
You want me to express, which i never do
You say nothing,
still i try to read a lot.

{P.S. : This post is dedicated to a cute friend of mine who is not in good health, as of now. Dear, You are the cuttest thing on this planet and will always be and try to forgive me for all the time i hurted u(i knw u always did). Take care as one of ur stupid friend is always worried.}


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

First of all a very good attempt at a poem like that and making that two lines repeating the rhythm of yours....

Its very sweet of u to write a poem for someone.

Being stupid is not a matter of worry. Being mean is...

Take care...


Anonymous said...

a beautifull way of expressing equally beautifull thoughts...

manchali said...

whoa! u pleasantly surprised me...
i never knew or expected u cud write poems!
its a nice n cute one :)

Atulya said...

@ Mahesh: Thanx bro.. actually , it was first time i wrote something for anyone..

@ Preeti: Thanx

@ Manchali: I m full of surprises... Wait n watch.. Thanks

Vinay G. said...

yo!dude u have entered a new territory ..territory of poetic expressions...
it's wonderful...
enjoy ur journey...
keep moving....
u'll achieve...

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

First time? Wow thats really amazing atulya :) do u mind if i call u atul :P *wink* *wink*

Atulya said...

@ Vinay: thanks dude.. ur appreciation is really imp.. i just miss ur grammatical edition, u knw my past tense n did prob.. watever it is.. lol

@ Mahesh: Thanks again bro.. U can call me anything u wish, just atulya gives me a feeling of rareness.. and yeah, we both bro are hardcore bikers.. i mean, if we are given a chance to choose b/w our bike n gf.. We (will) think over it.. lolz

Thanks n keep visting.. btw u suggested me to write a story n i thought of a novel.. he he.. Visit my other blog @ http://incredible-alovestory.blogspot.com/