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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aakash & Ria - 1

"Eating Gol-gappe is not a piece of cake!"

Aakash had to run back 3 kms to get his bike as Ria wanted to have Gol-gappe... He had parked his bike near Ria's house and came near her office, as she told last evening while Ria called him up on her way to home from office, that how good it would have been if they walked together, n walking has it's own benefits... Aakash didn't understood any other benefit except spending time with her and he decided that as soon as he get's time he will walk with her till her home.. N for Ria he can bend any time in his favour..

Today whole day he was busy with office work but his mind was constantly roaming on how to reach Ria's office.. He decided it yesterday only, that he will be reaching Ria's office at 5:30 and wait for her to wind up her work and come by 5:45 n then they would walk together till her home.. By 4:00pm he made a excuse and left his office and rode his bike as fast he could in traffic and reached near Ria's home by 5:00.. He parked the bike in a market near by her home and ran to her office.. When he was about to reach Ria's office he looked at the watch, it was 5:25, he called her up..

"Hey.. Wassup..."

"Nothing special, m in office and getting bore.."

"Ok.. So how was the day.."

"So so.. M just getting done with some pending stuff, in 10 mins, will go home.."

"Would you mind if i walk with u you till your home.."

"What???? where are you??"

"Just near your office... You only told yesterday that how good it would have been if we walked together, i just thought to give u company, if it's k with you..."

"You are totally mad... I was just kidding... I can't believe you Idiot..Where's ur bike???"

"I know i am mad, n u know that's only for you... I have parked the bike near by your home... So how long will u make me wait.."

"I don't know what makes u so sure that i will walk with u.. N today as u came i don't wanna walk and waste time.. rather i want to have Gol-gappe.. it's in another market... It has been long time... Go get ur bike and come, i m waiting.."

"What?? I ran 3 kms to walk with u and now u r saying that u don't wanna walk today... U wanna have some idiotic Gol-gappe thing..."

"I don't know anything.. I want to have it means i want to have it.. Go n get ur bike asap.. else i will get late.."

"I am outside ur office, r u sure u want me to run again..."

"Obviously i am.. It's a question of Gol-gappe and i don't want to compromise... make it soon"

Saying this Ria hunged up and Aakash started running again... back to her home.. to get the bike... he liked her kiddish demands, infact he was mad about her.. he loved everything she said, so he didn't mind running again n this time he had to run faster... his legs were paining, but it was not more than his madness..

Getting his bike he rode it again faster and came near her office and called her up...

"In your service mam.. Now how much time u r gonna make me wait..."

"5 more mins.. M just coming"

Aakash never minded waiting for her, caz whenever he saw her smile and eyes all his anger melted like ice-cream.. He waited for another 10 mins when she came and give a weird smile to him... She was looking awesomely beautiful in suits.. just like 6 and half years back when he had first seen her.. He could resist everything on this planet except her cuteness...

"You know, u are maddest person i have ever seen... Do u have any sort of thing named as brain", Sitting on his bike said Ria

"No sweetie.. I love being the maddest person till u like my stupidities...", Zooming the accelerator replied Aakash

"I would never say again anything to u even as a joke, u take things too seriously..."

"I just take u seriously baby...So u made me run twice.. huh.."

"Your mistake, u should have called earlier that u r coming..."

"I know.. But i just wanted to give u surprise unknowing i would be surprised.. anyways, here comes your Gol-gappe.."Saying Aakash parked his bike near the Gol-gappe walla..

Ria ordered for Gol-gappe and Aakash was busy seeing her.. He can never have enough of her, her cuteness, her beauty, her smile, her eyes, her voice... He could do anything to see her more often(rather daily) than once in a two month, as it happened... But he couldn't help it unless Ria wanted the same.. He hardly gets the courage to call her up when he comes near by her office or home, just to have a look of her... But he never wanted to bother Ria, so he never told that he waits for her, almost every alternate day...

They had Gol-gappe and started to head towards Ria's home... Sitting again on his sexy bike Ria said, "Now i don't fear sitting behind u, earlier i use to..."

"Just because i ride at my slowest speed when u are at the back seat..ask my other friends, who keep their hand on chest when i zoom my machine"

"Why do u drive slow when i sit on ur bike?", Ria asked feeling jealous of the bike, cause she knew other than her if Aakash was mad about anything, it was always his bike...

"So that, i can spend more time with u... i mean, when u seat at the back i never want the destination to come..."

"Ahhh haa haa.. So sweet..."

"I know, I am the sweetest thing.. ", said Aaksh shivering in the cold waves, he missed to wear his jacket, or rather he didn't wanted to come anything between their closeness, few clothes which he can never help were always between them...

"Isn't it cold.. U are feeling cold then y don't u take ur Jacket stupid..", Said Ria moving her hand towards his chest to give him a li'l bit warmth..

"I just forgot..", Saying Aakash tried to entangle his fingers in hers with his left hand..

"Ur hand is too cold...", Ria said removing her hand from his chest and keeping it on his shoulder.. She knew that it was wrong, Aakash would take her otherwise, N she didn't loved him and she didn't wanted Aakash to feel anything which she doesn't feel for him... So she removed her hand silently.. Although Aakash wanted to feel her, hug her.. desperately.... but he understood her dilemma and didn't said anything, rather he was cursing himself for his movement... Dropping her two blocks ahead from her home Aakash wished that he could have undone things 5 years back.. If he didn't ignored his own feelings years back then Ria would have never gone away from him.. Aakash was ready to do anything, if he could go back in past and mend his ignorance... He loved her from the time, he had ever known love, from last 6 and half years... But now he didn't wanted his love to come between their so called friendship.. He realised a month back, that however hard he tries he can't imagine a life without her being around.. and he was happy doing whatever it takes for her happiness.. His love was not his priority, Ria's happiness was...

"Good night n take care"

"U too take care", saying Ria vanished...

Aakash zoomed again back to his normal speed of above 70kmph... All his way to his home Aakash was just lost in her eyes, her smile, her voice.. He could do anything for her.. He went nostalgic about when he first holded Ria's hand, 6 and a half years back... That day, Aakash removed his hand himself...

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rimz said...

awesome.. a commonplace story placed in uncommon ways..
i just love this ria-akash stories... kip on writing.
tk cre...:)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

will read sometime after i complete my unresisting twilight :)


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I liked this part of story :) Aakash is surely a mag guy , ofcourse bcuz he is madly in love with ria.

I totally understand that guys go to lengths when they fall for some girl but somehow i have a feeling that ria is being rude if not otherwise.

Love is not being practical i knwo this fact very well but still i felt ria had to be more loving towards Aakash.

Anyways its fiction, so more comments :) apart from that it has come really nicely :)

rimz said...

an awards waiting for u in my blog..:),check it..:)

Atulya said...

@ Rimz: thanx for liking Aakash-Ria's stories... u can have a detail look at my other blog.. I have given the link...

N yeah, thanx a ton for acknowledging me in ur blog..

@Mahesh: Indeed Aakash is mad but nowhere it's Ria's fault. N thanx fr liking it..
Keep visiting...

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

hmmmmm :) Interesting story :)