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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aakash & Ria - 2

Aakash & Ria - Part 1

"Pick Up the Phone!"

"What are you doing here at this point of time? Have u gone nuts.. It's 9 PM and what will u say to ur Mom..", Aakash was shocked on Ria sudden visit at Aakash's home. Although he always wanted her to come but at this moment.. at this time.. he got concerned about her..

"Actually.. I wanted to see you.. I just saw a bad dream at evening and wanted to know about ur well-being, so i came as soon as i woke up..", Ria said catching her breath, Aakash could make out that she was not using her make-ups for the first time being out of home.. But she was looking more beautiful to him, more natural.. the Ria he dreams of.. She was just looking perfect, as usual..

"Are you Mad.. U just saw a dream n came all this way to see me... U could have called up.. i wud have come.. U knw how late it is.. What will u say to ur Mom..", Aakash was always worried about her, and didn't wanted her to face any problem because of him... ever...

I don't know.. Aakash will u stop preaching and let me come inside..", Ria said moving Aakash from the door and entering the house.

"Ya.. But u know Aunty will get....." Before Aakash would complete his concern about Ria's Mom, Ria hugged him tightly. Aakash couldn't feel anything except Ria at the moment.. He wasn't able to speak but still he was trying... "Look, Aunty will get worried, u should be at home at this moment...."

"Will u shut-up...", Saying Ria moved her face towards his... looking directly into his eyes... she could see.. how desperate Aakash was, how much he loved her, n how he won't do anything unless she takes the initiative... Analyzing the innocence on Aakash face she moved her lips towards his and gave him a french kiss, then she started kissing him all over his face..."I love You... I always loved you... N i don't know how it all happened, but somewhere i can never think a life without u... I missed you like hell..Why didn't u called me.. Why didn't u stopped me.. Why are u like this.. You selfish Moran..U only know how u feel, but can never see my feelings..Can't u see what i don't say.. U didn't stopped me years back.. u didn't stopped me last month.. Can't u feel Aakash", Saying Ria again catched his lips for another one..

Aakash was dumbstruck... Aren't this word i always wanted to say?  How can she know what i feel inside.. Did i ever said this to her?.. Questions were roaming in his mind like hell, but his lips were tuning the way Ria wished it to... He just wanted her to say that he could feel like hell.. he missed her with every breath of his.. He didn't stopped her because he wanted her to be happy.. with him.. without him.. He loves her more than anything on this planet.. Aakash had many a things to say.. but he didn't wanted to raise any topic now which might come between their kisses... He could just feel her smell, her lips, her eyes, her neck...his right hand moving at wrong places... all he said was.. "I'm Sorry..."

"Sorry is the only thing u know how to say.. My ears are waiting for others...", Ria said entangling her fingers in his left hand tightly..

"I love you and i always loved only u.. with every breath of mine.. ", Aakash was about to say a lot many feeling buried deep inside his heart from years, but he heard a ring.. His phone was ringing...

"Somebody is calling.. Pick it up...", Said Ria moving a li'l bit away and getting out of his arms....

"Let it be...", Saying Aakash pulled Ria back in his arms and started kissing again...

"Pick it up.. it might be important..."

"Nothing in this world is more important than you.."

"Pick it up for me..."

"You know i can't say NO to you..Ok lemme see...", Aakash was trying to see his phone which was ringing from over 30 seconds but couldn't find it.. He started moving his hand all over bed... But he was not on bed.. he was standing with Ria, kissing her, bounded in her arms... How come he came on bed.. He moved his hand further and he found the phone ringing below the pillow.. but he couldn't see Ria anywhere...his arms were trying to hold her but she was nowhere... Ria was gone.. with his dreams.. n he was in reality now.. she never came.. it was all a dream which he sees every now and then...

Unwillingly he picked up the phone, he was about to abuse but he controlled himself... The lady on the other line said in a computerized voice,
"Dear Vodafone valuable customer, New offers specially for you on this new year...", Before listening further , he had hung up the call... The most tragic call in his most sweetest dream ever... It wasn't 9 PM.. it was his evening nap.. 5 PM he noticed on the cell...

He tried to go back in the same dream for next 5 mins.. He was trying to go at the same place where he left and wanted to complain Ria as to why she said to Pick up this idiotic call... But to no avail.. After all his failed attempts of getting back into dreams, he woke up and sat on the bed.. He didn't wanted all this to happen.. Ria was gone again from his life... n he didn't even heard her voice for more than a month by now... the irony for Aakash was, that it was his decision.. to get out of her life by hurting her... n he can't go back... But he missed her every second... He just didn't know how to say her that he can't live without her... On the other hand he was rather content that Ria was happy.. He just knew how to love her.. Not how to demand in love.. so.. he was loving her even though being away from her.. her mind, her life.. he could always meet Ria in his dreams, if not otherwise... He could always see her beautiful eyes, her cute smile.. he could always hear her innocent voice.. even though she allowed it only till his dreams... N if luck favored him, he could get closer to her like today.. But was this dreams enough for his life time n How long will he wait for her...



Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Ahhhh..That was so romantic conversation :) A glimpse of Edward Bella conversation :) I liked it and i loved it too.

Disappointed to see that it was just a dream :) and then reality struck me that girls can never be, the way you portrayed them. After all it can be, mostly in dreams :)

Come with some more of this :)


Vinay G. said...

nice ! dude
touching one !
hope it conveys the message to the one it is intended to.
btw..good work !

Atulya said...

@ Mahesh: U always honour me more than i deserve.. so sweet of u... and yeah, sometimes i portray girl as a villain.. n sumtimes far too sweet to be believed.. Ria is not as strong hearted as portrayed earlier.. it's just the circumstances which make both Aakash and Ria to behave like devil.. thanx again...

@ Vinay: thanx dude... n it's not intended to convey anything.. thanx again...

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