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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aakash & Ria - 3

'I don't know what to do. I have my exams in next 20 days & I am not prepared at all.' Ria was tensed about her CS exam which she has to give again cause last year she overslept in one paper.  

'Chill sweetie, you just have three subject and you will be able to clear it easily, just focus from now on. The topics are not that tough.' Confidently said Aakash unaware about the complexities of the subjects but he had confidence in Ria. She was a intelligent & hard working gal, but she needed the push.

'I am good at two subject but the third one.... oh god.. You feel it's easy, have you read it earlier', asked Ria

'Yeah, I have read all that in my graduation, it's not that tough', said aakash to make her feel lighter, cause worrying about a problem makes it bigger.. and he never did that, even if he had an hour before exam. 

'Can you teach me?' 

'Ya sure, anytime for you', He couldn't say no to her, he never did in his life.

'Should i come over at your place or will you come at mine ?' she said mischievously cause she knew Aakash wouldn't let her travel alone to his place. He would come to pick her up.

'I would come sweetheart, don't you get bothered and act smart with me.'

'ohk then, you can come from tomorrow.. i have taken leave at office for my exams, and Mamma will be at home, is it alright for you', Ria just wanted to tease him.

'Obviously it's alright for me, i hope you are calling for studying, so aunty won't be angry on it..' Aakash understood she was in playful mood and was also excited to meet aunty for the first time.

'Hmm.. i will call you tomorrow..and tell you the time'

'Sure, bye for now, take care'

Aakash said that he will teach her, but how... the subject she has to study, aakash only had rough idea and few topics were unheard to him before. Besides, it has been almost 2 years since he completed his grad, so he was even out of flow.. but he didn't want to sound low infront of Ria, cause he knew that might be this is the chance when he can meet Ria a bit often. The last time they met was some two and a half months back and before that some eight months back. Aakash could do anything, be anything, learn anything if that results in seeing Ria more frequently or if possible, daily... He has stopped fighting with her over petty issues since they didn't talk for 6 months, and somewhere Aakash thought that his anger will just keep Ria away from him. She has to go one day, maybe in next few years when she will get married to some well-settled guy (every family wants that n even every girl) , & Aakash would take time to settle, he has to take admission in a B-school and complete his MBA, all of which would take a least of 3 years. So he knew that she would never be his forever but he can be with her until...... He loved her from his school days, but he somewhere got matured in his love now. After 7 and a half year he actually started understanding her, her feelings, her weird mind, her soft heart, her don't care attitude and her caring side. He was trying to understand that now she doesn't love him and he is a good friend to her, and he can't change her feelings for him, maybe, he didn't wanted to...anymore.. He just wanted to keep her happy till the time he can be with her, no matter what. He have stopped feeling about his own feelings.

Aakash called up his Bhabhi for suggesting him a right book for the subject he has to teach her. She was a genius in her studies & the only person who understood Aakash madness for Ria. She suggested him the well known book for Corporate accounting. Aakash bought the book in next hour and by evening he opened the book. Corporate accounting was not in his syllabus of Grad, so he couldn't get anything much besides few share and debenture topic. He turned the pages for a hour but seemed helpless. He thought to take coaching for the subject but it wasn't possible cause next day he had to teach her. He called his few friends who might be aware of the subject and luck favoured him. One of his friend agreed to impart his valuable knowledge over the subject, (for aakash it was priceless). They decided to meet next morning.. Aakash took a sign of relief and slept off. 

Sharp, at 9:00 am he reached at Ravi's place. Ravi was half asleep but Aakash kicked him hard enough to make him sit on his bed.

'What happened? Why do you need to study corporate so urgently? What are you doing these days in life?', Ravi said, waking up rubbing his ass.

'Nothing, am just planning to do CS'

'Stop kidding, tell me else i won't teach you.' Ravi started blackmailing.

'Ohk dude, One of my childhood friend has exam of CS in next few weeks, and he is not prepared, i just want to help him out', Aakash was telling a lie which any dumb-ass could catch.

'He or she, Aakash you are too sweet to lie, so stop trying it.'

'Hmm.. anyway, stop giggling and get fresh.. i don't have much time, i need to be prepared with at least a chapter by evening'

'Oh ho.. Ohk then, gimme 10 mins'

Ravi started with shares & debentures and for next 4 hours poured all of his knowledge in regarding chapter out. Aakash too grabbed it with interest more than he did for even his exams. He went back home and was waiting for Ria's call. She didn't. Tired of waiting he called her...

'Hey, whats up?'

'Nothing yaar, You know what, Daddy gave a surprise visit this morning. I did talk to mummy that you will be coming, and she agreed to it. But daddy told to keep a tuition teacher, which will be coming home.' Ria said feeling sad.

'C'mon it's good. The teacher will be nice option as only few days are left. He will be having enough knowledge, and better than me sweetie, he will have a good command on numerical and we can discuss the theory part on phone if you face any difficulty', Aakash didn't said about his hard work, cause that was of no use.

'Hmmm... but i will make you meet mummy in few days, when daddy will be going out of station again.', Ria did felt bad that she wasn't able to meet Aakash again.

'It's ohk.. you concentrate on your studies' Aakash understood her, always.

They talked for next one hour discussing about the subject and topics which were important. Ria was talking, Aakash was listening. He just loved her voice, it felt so sweet to him that it didn't matter to Aakash what she was speaking as long as she was speaking. Her voice was so tempting and kiddish that Aakash couldn't fight with her on phone, whenever he did fought, he messaged her. But not anymore. He just didn't want to fight with her, he didn't want to hurt her. She did called him next day and called him home.

Aakash was on cloud no 9, the day he met aunty.

(P.S.: Sorry for over than one year gap for Aakash Ria's story)

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