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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kamakhya Mandir - a business in name of God!

I had visited kamakhya temple on 1st of jan n i was really dying to share the business made out in the name of god.... there z a general line, a 101 rs line n a 501 rs line.... u can directly worship god if u r rich enough to pay for 'direct darshan' as they say it for 501 line... n u will hv to wait 4 few hours as we did if u belong to sum middle class family... n mind it, if u r poor or in no mood to pay for darshan then u l definitely have to wait for half a dozen hours(atleast)... n dere are more than 10000 visiters a day, increasing d number on special occasions... so what do they do with all these money, they said that it goes to committee of the temple, but when v went inside the condition was crying that the temple hasn't been cleaned for years... so they are richer dan many of the working class members by just humming some rituals... so guys not getting a job can apply over there, n dont worry abt salary atleast....
I was moved when a old couple just came to visit the temple from jammu n they managed to get into the 100 rs line but due to there age they were not able to tolerate the pain of standin' n they quitted the plan for the darshan... n i was also taken a back when two beautiful lookin girl were getting the entry in general line in midway by her pandits, so dat they don't have to stand in d long queue.... n dere r many more incidents which is better kept unsaid...

After waiting for somewhr around 4-5 hours we got our chance to have our darshan... inside the scenario was not one which a god's place should have... Near all d statue of god there was a pandit waiting for people to pass on god's blessings with some money in return... n if u giving 11rs or nothing then god is not going to bless u properly... u must give a 3figure or more in order to get the 'kripa' of bhagwan... n mind it, u cant do ur pooja on ne statue for long else d pandit will throw u away... u wont believe it but i have seen pandits pushing away ladies forcefully who were asking there wills(mannats) from god... after waiting for so long u still have a time limit to worship god...
Y is dis sort of bias in our country????
What business do people do in the name of God????
Does God really appreciate this sort of behaviour by his representatives????

Personally speaking i m an atheist from my childhood, i just went there bcaz of my mom, who z a die hard 'bakht' of every God u can name of... but this incident proved my disbelief, if God existed he would have never allowed ne1 to do business on his name... But it all hardly matter cazs indians r highly spiritual n we can't help it... if we get something in our life, we pass on the credit to God n luck instead of believing in oneself, n if we falter we blame d same on God n luck...
At least i take my good n bad times as my responsibility... as hard work pays, n i believe dat 'believe in yourself n d world will believe in u'