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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movies that changed my life!!!

Annoying but truth is movies do have have impact on our life, only if we watch it seriously, n the reason i got to discuss n share this view is today i watched a movie which gave me jitters...


As my mundane boring routine, i switched on the television n just for passing my valuable time i thought to give this movie a try.. as i watched it seriously from head to toe, at the end i realised that what a bullshit n meaningless my life has become.. For those who r interpreting me wrong n r giving a thought to watch this flick that it might give some message, m hearteadly sorry caz whole of the movie was completely crap.. it bound me to give a thought that how the f**k can i waste 3 hours with a such a irratiting acting n no script.. why m i forcing myself to watch movies like this, istead of doing something productive...

2 days back one of my dear frend Kapil dragged me to watch "PAYING GUEST", senseless comedy n wastage of 280 bucks was wat i ended with.. the actors were trying hard to bring a smile on audience faces but they barely realised during making of the movie dat the audience will try hard to stop their tears about the amount of money invested, n regarding me i was rather in deep thought as how to manage the budget of next month as i had already become pennyless..

So there are many more movies which really confuses me for if movies r really meant for entertainment .. to mention further some of the blockbusters like singh is king n welcome which is shown almost every 2nd day on either NDTV imagine or colours or star plus, gold.. Crap man.. there's a limit to check audience patience ..

c'mon guys, give me a break n thanx for making such meaningless movies, atleast a time will come when we stop paying our hard labour on these shits.. N i hope that atleast i wud start doing sumthing productive better than watching those holy shits...

would love to know ur experiences with some disasterous movies which either changed ur life or even u gave a second thought b4 watching n wasting ur valuable money n tym..