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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why is it so...?

Why is it so...?
that i Sleep with the same dream every night,
and wake up to reality each morning,
knowing it was just a dream 
and it can never be real, never mine.

Why is it so...?
that the more i try to forget you,
the moments we shared are more clear,
dragging me back to the same place,
where i should never have been, i feel now.

Why is it so...? 
No matter, how hard i try, i can't sleep whole night
and whenever my eyes shuts, you come in my dreams
where i only try to don't let you go,
but when dream is over, you were gone long ago.

Why is it so...?
My heart beats only for you, 
ignoring the pain you gave me,
knowing that you ignored my feelings for your own's, 
or might be, you just had enough of me.

Why is it so...?
That i want to cry a ocean,
but tears are not coming out,
as if, they are over.
as if, they will not affect you, as always.

Why is it so...?
Each time i expressed how i feel for you,
how i can't live without you,
each time you went a li'l far from me,
now so far, that i can't even call back,

Can't even express how much i am incomplete without you...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

55 Fiction - 2

more I Miss You...

I don't know why i love you so much,
but i guess, i am left with no option.
Cause it's you who makes me feel complete,
even knowing that you can never be mine.
I try hard to forget those moments we shared,
More i try, more i feel for you. more I MISS YOU...