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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Will You Die!

Facebook Declaration:

Atulya just found out the Death's Time:

Date: April 8 of 2010 at 11:58 pm.
Cause: Failed bunggie jumping
Age: 22 years old!

When will you die?

Facebook is up again with a new application to keep your mind busy. That happens every next day, unlike orkut which is just related to friends and communities ‘facebook offers a sack full of shits which is very helpful in wasting your precious time quite smartly. I have got to hear innovative quiz like How much Kaminney You really are? When will you marry? Mafia wars, How much hot is your name? blah blah blah.. So, this new quiz attracted me as every1 is eager to know about their future without paying to those Hippocrates tan-tricks and pandits. They really suck as they choose this profession of fooling others when they are capable of doing literally nothing. {No personal offence}

Using another application on facebook I hardly had any idea that God listens to me. I mean he really does, whenever I ask him something against me. He fulfils it asap. On the contrary when I wish something for myself he runs away sayin' ‘am too busy, catch ya later! cia!!’. How MEAN.. but he is God and we sudn’t argue. I never do, I just calm myself with 3 b’ful words “it doesn’t exist”. So Mr. Facebook just asked my birthdate and decided when I should leave this world. Interesting, Must Say!!

Coming back to my death which as predicted is just few months away, and gosssshhh where the hell would I get to do bungeeie jumping at 2 minutes to midnight. I am really excited as this will be 1st experience of dying. N being honest I love to challenge death, with my speed which has crossed 130kmph mark, death always lost so I am writing, if I continue to write after 8th of April, I would again win as always. Lets See, I am really looking forward to it…

Meanwhile, I am making a plan of doing things which I always wanted from life in next 6 months, God forbid if the prediction comes true. Here it goes, the things I really want to do before I die.

1. Look good: Though I never accept it but I know I look awful. Being lazy and ignorance are two prime factors for my awesomely awful looks. I just want to gain some weight, which is around 70kg in next 6 months. What if I didn’t lived healthy, I wanna die healthy. {Statutory Precaution: Don't trust my words above, Sometimes i can look exceptionally cute.}

2. Learn dance: I don’t know why I never expressed it but I feel vibes in me. I love street dancing, break dancing and romantic dance (though I don’t have a partner).

3. Learn martial arts: Karate has been a passion from my childhood, if only I just had ever pushed myself a li’l bit more I could have learned it years back.

4. Own a business of my own where I M D BOSS: Practically not possible in six months.

5. Learn swimming: I got saved two times from drowning in my teenage. I just want kill the fear of mine.

6. Get my hairs straight: Though it looks good sometimes but I am really fed up of my curls. Whenever I want to grow my hair long, it is really hard to manage.

7. Learn some manners: I lack it really, I mean how to respect elders and how to live with a joint family are things I never thought of.

8. Express Myself: I never expressed my care, my love to anyone, or whatever I did was just not enough. Rather I never thought it as important unless I lost everything except hope. All thanks to my best “bad timing”, I m born with it.

9. Mom: Oh, I always wanted to give her a lavishing life. 6 months is too short to fulfil her dreams which I have seen. Bro might help in it. So, sowweee Mom!!

10. Bhaiya’s Wedding: Now don’t trash me for this bro, but I want to see her and only her as my bhabhi, asap.

11. Sorry: I don’t mind saying sorry’s to people who matter or ever mattered to me. People close to me know me well, and they might know that none of my intensions were ever to hurt them.

12. Get rid of I don’t care attitude: So I have this as my punch line. But trust me guys I do care, just that I fear to show it.. I fear that my care will hurt you or if u don’t care about my care it will hurt me. (Ahhh.. So Complex)

13. Fame: I wish to get known for something good I have done in life, so that my parents can proudly say.. “He was MY Son”

14. Live up to my name: Atulya = incomparable, incredible, etc etc. Although I receive these comments often, but sometimes for my bad behaviour or my unseriousness towards life. Watever, I love mah name.

15. Get Lost On an island: Stupid One! But one of my wildest dreams is to get lost in an world where only two people survives. Me and My Love (in waiting).

16. Get balanced: Pendulum, suggested by Raj and followed by atulya, m tired of it. I want to get balanced composure of things in my life which can make life a bit simpler & easier.

17. Prove Someone:

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes that someday you will see
That Somebody's Me

Nice song na.. Enrique Rocks!!! Just want to prove not someone but everyone that I am not a bathroom singer, even I CAN SING!!

18. Loose Something: I have lost many a things in life, some due to weak memory, some due to ignorance and mostly due to negligence. But being 21 i wish to loose one more thing. Virginity. What? I m still virgin!! OMG.. But still I would prefer making love rather than having S.. something.. I mean.. Precisely.. Uff, Save me, it getting intricate.. Forget it…

19. Get a PUG: Remember the Hutch is now Vodafone Dog! I really wanna have it for getting my things done, like searching tie, shocks, waking me up, keeping my book open at the right page.. Sounds selfish na…

20.In end..... I wanna be 18 till I Die!

21. I wanna go for bunggie jumping on 8th of April, 2010 at 11:57pm... lolz


richa said...

ye sab na bakwaas hote hain.. remember baut salo pehle b aisa hi kuch loge padhte thae n according 2 dat mai toh already mar chuki hoti.. so take light bt ya do try 2 achieve all u ve targeted bt u ve mny yrz nt jst 6 months n m sure u ll fulfill all ur dreams so chill n tk cr

mahima said...

heheh.... reallllly interesting! thnx...u gave a place in your blog to my query... "where the hell in India...oh well... atleast around delhi...do people do bunggie jumping at midnight!!??!!"
u've put together a very interesting list and i JUST HAVE TO comment on the things in your list. so read on...
1. 6 months...! its not gonna happen even in 6 years. i have been hearing your "healthy body" thing for years... and i know i will have to listen to it for years n years.

2. dancing...hmmm...that would enhance you style. but street dancing is not a novel idea( :P as in dancing on the street literally)

5. heheh! u never told me about this! btw if u dunno how to swim what the heck were u doin in water in your teenage!

6. plzzzzz... u wudn't luk gud even a teeny-weeny bit. BAD IDEA! trust me. drop it. (m tlkin about the long hair part)

7. i'd rather not comment on this... but its not a bad idea at all. family or no family... i think one should not bother anybody coz of oneself.

8. start it today... and start with me. ummm... for instance if u wanna show me that u care u cud listen to me. lolz. kidding!

10. no comments
...delete this point

11. its okay. i accept your sorry :) and i forgive you for the 1 crore times u hurt me alone. whew! just thinking about the aggregate with all your close ones. heheh!

12. this is THE BEST change you seek for yourself. honestly.
coz whenever a person close to u says these 3 words "i don't care" ... it hurts THE MOST. you would save the tears of all those who love u by this :)

14. in whatever way... good or BAD you do live upto your name. lolz

15. only 2 PEOPLE SURVIVES! and u wanna get killed the rest of us! YOU'RE DEAD!

16. another good point...though Raj would loose an awesome nick-name he coined

17. Whoa! i hope whenever u prove that u can sing too... the walls don't crack. :P

19. if you become so dependant on a dog you're never gonna get a girl. and then u n ur pug can sing "you n i, in this beautiful world" lolz

20. god! 18 till u die! this means we would have to bardasht karo you silliness till u die! this means you're never gonna achieve a lot of points u just mentioned above.
...... :P :P :P :P :P

Atulya said...

@ richa: Thanx 4 ur concern & thanx 4 visiting.. This post was intended for fun, not on a serious note.. N u knw me, hw much i believe in all these..

I appreciate ur interest in bunggie jumping. :-)

u to take care..

Atulya said...

@ mahima: m really thankful that u found it interesting.. I was just wondering that whether the comment was about to exceed the post.. But really, i appreciate that u read it in detail.. So, i will have to reply few things..

1.I bet i l gain weight in next 6 months..
8.Care should be vice-verse. So u should also try to listen to me. lolz
10. Option N/A
14. Thanx.. I m really incredible.. he he
15. Two people survive- on an island, so u all can live happily. I just want some solitude.
19. Lolz.. I wud be happy wid it.
20. U wil have to tolerate my kiddish part till m alive.


Anonymous said...

i liked that statutary precaution...hahahahahha...
facebook is up with quite interesting application..i will look forward for not using any of its application..lolz

Atulya said...

@ Preeti: Thanx.. that precaution was imp..

Shas said...

Nice post. Even i want that pug he is so cute.

Atulya said...

@ Shas: Thanx..