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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Say i m Selfish

“It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones.”

We all are born selfish, whether we admit it or not. No one lives for anybody else n everybody expects others to live for them. That is how we are called human. Selfishness is devotion to or concern with one's own advantage or welfare to the exclusion of regard for others. Science and religion both teach selfishness. Selfishness results from the original sin of separation.It is the stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others. We love anybody because that person makes us feel good, we feel better talking to them, sharing something with them, spending time with them, never because that person loves us. In today's dictionary 'LOVE' in itself means selfishness where we just stop caring about the rest of world except one person, neglecting the fact that we are just caring about our feelings not even that one person. But as human nature goes, we will still pretend that we love them.

Personally speakin' I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle. My so called principles and morals always said me that i am living for others and i hardly think about my own self, which is never true.

I say i care, i show i care, but when it is not valued don't i start barking it aloud to the whole world just proving that in reality i hardly care.

I say i love, i show i love, but when i am not loved in return don't i cry infront of others making that person culprit.

I say i need you, i show i need you, but when i feel ingnored don't i change my needs to drinks and smokin'.

I say i don't wanna hurt you, but don't i hurt you by repeating this phrase millions of time when you are just not interested.

I say i miss you, i show i miss you, but when you don't reply being busy with some serious stuff, don't i stop saying it next time.

I say i understand, i show i understand, but when you don't understand sometimes, don't i start making an issue.

I say i just want your happiness, but don't i become a hurdle when i see you being happy with someone else.

I say i m sorry, i show m sorry, but do i really mean it, when i keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again.

I say i l manage, i pretend i l manage, when i can't manage my emotions how can i say the same about life.

I say i don't give a damn, when i m obsessed with only that thing, m i not just keeping my ego at priority.

I say i don't cry, i pretend i never do, but why my pillow is wet most of the times.

I should better say i m selfish as any other human being rather pretending that i live for others, as if i m not human.

“Thinking more than others about our own thoughts is not self-centeredness. It means that if asked what’s on our mind, we are less likely to mention being aware of the world around us, and more likely to mention our inner reflections.”

I can't figure out that like me even you all are selfish, but this is me and according to me being selfish is not crime, unless you are hurting others for your selfishness. I just wish that my selfishness doesn't comes in others happiness, rather in there's about whom atleast i care or pretend to care.

(P.J. : I will be selfish untill i plan to settle down in himalayas.)


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hey...thats a very good post :) in fact it seemed as if i was reading about myself...i see that you write a lot on random thoughts that roam in around you..why dont you try putting it in the form of a story sometime and show this feelings in the protaganist?? think abt it...

and yeah..see you around :)

keep blogging :)

rimz said...

i do agree Fully wd you n ur thots abt selfishness,,,,...we all r selfish n its a very basic instinct i think...

rahul said...

oops... so poetic description of selfishness..... must be some story behind it..... lol.
in all... i liked your last few words.."being selfish is not crime, unless you are hurting others"... i think... that every 1 should be selfish to some extent.. bcoz according to me selfishness is thinking about ourself... giving priority to ourself over others... and its good too.... and no one else is going to think about you...

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Wow..both bro's are bloggers....its a nice thing ;)

mahima said...

sorry for the delay...
hmmm... to begin with... Nice and interesting topic... all lines are thought provoking... the poem in between... a lot of people would associate with at least a few lines of the poem if not all... whereever u found it, its really good and goes well with ur idea.
BTW i have i guess an idea what could have provoked such thoughts in your mind. but i really wish u could be strong and stand by yourself. Be a little selfisn, not in the way u have mentioned above but in the way which is good for u.
i can't think of what to comment on the new widget u addded. so excuse me for that.
aur thoda jaldi jaldi update kiya karo.
wud wait for the next chance to comment...

Atulya said...

@ Mahesh: Tons of thanx mahesh for ur appreciation n encouragement.. I had earlier penned down a sotry but had to remove it due to some personal issue, as it was based only on reality, n u knw hw tough it is to swallow it.. Neways, will work on ur suggestion, this time involving fiction.. N yeah, I am not as gr8 blogger as u or bro(Rajeev).. U guys really rock.

@ Rimz: thanx..

Atulya said...

@ Rahul: Thanx dude, n yeah there's a story behind everythin'..

@ Mahima: Thanx n wat do u mean by "wherever u found it", i found it in my head, my mind, my heart.. u can google it out.. I'll try to be selfish as always.. Ur comments are always valuable.. Thanku alot

Anonymous said...

when i started reading this post it seemed as if am reading a chapter on "selfishness" in a psychology book.. because i found the whole description and the way to be too formal and written by an expert. "i think you think too much ..."
well..your this post can easily make anyone to realise that he/she is selfish..hahahahah...really...

Atulya said...

@ Preeti: Thanx a ton n it was so sweet to accept that this post is written by an expert.