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Monday, February 15, 2010


It might be Not a News for many, as twitter is from quite a time long, and i am new to it... Even i got invitations many a times back but wasn't much interested to join another social site and increase my worthless things to do list after orkut and facebook, so i ignored each time.. But as i got bored with the orkut and facebook thing, i thought to give a try to twitter, n guess what, it's really interesting.. Where in the world would u get to know when SRK goes for bath? How long Priyanka Chopra is stuck in traffic?  What did Sonam Kapoor had in her lunch? How did Mallika Sherawat did her first international kiss? Did Chetan Bhagat had a Bihari girl-friend or not, n do he regret it? When do our celebs go for a nap? Well, strangely our celebs discuss it all on twitter, so i decided not to follow all of them, besides just whom i like are in my following list... Guess what, Hrithik Rohsan made his twitter account last week and he had over 15000 followers in just 15 hours, Karan Johar, Abhishek Bachahan, Genelia, etc, etc all promoting him, i mean welcoming him on twitter.. n there are few non-stop speeches by Mahesh Bhatt types.. Well twitter is much more than just celebs, it's far more useful to be updated to current happenings all over.. I came to know about German Bakery Blast in Pune through the same source, when i hardly use to tune in any news channel ever which helps me to keep away from Breaking News. All our celebrities were busy showing there sorrows over incident when Abhishek was busy promoting his Bingo. Hmm None of my business. So , i just thought what our celebs do else acting, now i got some answers atleast, he he.

And Yeah, the latest news around, Google Buzz, an combination of twitter and facebook's status updates. Google wants to rule each and every area. Buzz overall is ok. Not much about it to talk. Perhaps, i am twitting more these days than Orkutting or facebooking.. For the time being.

(P.S.: Just watched P.S. I Love You - Nice movie, few love stories are forever, even after death)

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