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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Simply Rohan - A Love Story

Rohan met her after 2 weeks, she was lookin' as beautiful and sexy as ever. He knew she was a li'l bit upset with him, but she was the most understanding girlfriend anyone can have, n Rohan was definitely lucky. They use to meet almost daily and spend valuable time since they came in relationship a year back. They fought many a times, in which Rohan was usually wrong and hurted her, but every time she understood. She never complained for anything, even if Rohan talked to another girl or hang out with them, cause she trusted him and knew that Rohan was damn loyal. They use to hang out almost daily and spend as much time as they could together. Rohan friends also got jealous by seeing their love for each other, cause many a times Rohan acted as mean and selfish but his girlfriend never left his side. She supported him blindly cause he never crossed his limits, he never touched her without her permission, and never forced her for anything. Although they use to be together for countless hours, day or night, but he never tried to make love to her, cause somewhere Rohan felt that true love is free of lust and so did his sweet girlfriend. They hugged each other, holded hand for hours, waited without complains, but never did either of them thought about having Sex. Neither did they talked on phone, as they could meet each other daily, perhaps even Rohan understood that she didn't wanted to keep cell-phones, She was different than other girls, not much shopping but her demands were costly which Rohan fulfilled without any second thought. They both were in true love as any historic lovers. But for the first time, Rohan had to go out of station due to some work.

He just said her while leaving,"I love you baby, you are my life, without you many things would have been impossible for me, You are my biggest strength as well as weakness, although i don't want to leave you but i have to go.. hope u understand, i will be back asap.. take care of yourself and don't talk to strangers or go out with them, it's a mean mean world.. and i can never see you in pain.. will miss you with every breath of mine, bye..". Rohan touched her tummy and felt the softness. She didn't wanted him to go and was not leaving his hand. For the last time he holded her hand tightly, kissed on her forehead and waved a good-bye. He cared for her like hell, and loved her more then anything on this world. He didn't turned back while going, cause he knew her eyes were so damn killing that he will have to stop.

Coming back in city, Rohan was excited to meet her. He knew where she will be waiting for him. He took bath, combed his hair, dressed at his best & went at their meeting point. She was waiting for him in advance, looking elegant and damn sexy as usual, Rohan always wished to make love to her, only if she allowed. But he never wanted to raise this topic from his side as it might hurt her. Rohan went near by, touched her tummy softly, and they moved his hand toward hers.... he never even tried to touch her breast, as she might interpret wrongly... he holded her hands tightly and they both hugged each other like lovers who meet after years. Passion in their love was visible. Rohan said," How you had been all these days, you missed me naa... I missed u too baby... You know all the time i thought only about you, i don't know why i love you so much, but i can't leave without you.. forgive me for being away from you... Forget it, i always speak only about myself, u tell me.. how are you, and why are you looking so upset, now i am back, everything's fine na... say na..."

She didn't wanted to talk to him. For the first time Rohan felt that she was angry. He started searching something and found a piece of cloth near by, he took it and started cleaning her from head to toe. Whenever he did anything like that stupid, she couldn't resist herself and starts smiling, or shine comes to her face. Rohan kissed her fore-head and said," I love you baby, now shall we go, i have to go to tuitions.", Saying Rohan took out the keys from his pocket and putted it in her mouth, he turned the key to start her and then holded her right hand tightly and turned it softly, his left hand were managing her left hand. Few meters later just in 6 seconds he zoomed her to 0-100 km/hr speed and said, "That's why i love you baby, you are so damn fuckin' fast that people are bound to get jealous of us." Even Rohan never complained to her as of why she is wearing the same dress from past one years. ORANGE... his bike colour... the 'apache 160 cc Fi'..

(P.S. : Her hand stand for handle of the bike, tummy stands for oil-tank, and strangely they can never make love.. he he)

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