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Friday, January 15, 2010

...and some more...

...and some more...

...and some more... is a disease which we all suffer from, sometimes 4 good... sometimes 4 bad... mostly out of greed as we are human being and we can't have enough of literally anything.. we need more.. and some more.. and some more.. and some more.. that how we are mentally prepared, and we can't avoid it. 

the idea came to me when from last many a months i was just sad unknowing the reason behind it, i was not able to figure out how to get out of my mental trauma and what was the basic problem behind all the subsequent ones... so i stopped myself from thinking about the problems which were visible and went into search for the root cause.. after weeks of survey on my own act and behaviour i realised that the reason behind my sadness is none other than my own desire which keeps on demanding and in turn complaining for stuffs which are practically irrelevant, the reason was ...and some more... whenever i have something, i need some more.. and some more.. and when i don't get that (..and some more..) i feel unwanted, dissatisfied, unhappy which results in playing the blame game. 

We are bound to our desires and we act accordingly.. We make people happy, we make them smile, we make them cry, we hurt them cause of our desire.. Well, don't u guys ever feel monotonous.. feel bored of ur own emotional stuffs, the same feelings, the same complains over and over again, the same idiotic heart pinching u for expecting from others..Guysss.. really i m fed up with my emotions.. So... wats the solution??? - might be to remove emotions completely and go in solitude or why not kill oneself, the easiest way to escape from responsibilities of our own heart n mind or say.. but No.. i would say, i have searched a better solution for this disease.. i pondered over it, and thought why not do something new and properly channelise our problem into a better way, even if it's not the solution.. I say, when u do something for others it's not their problem. It's totally yours and you have no right to blame anybody else for if they don't respond.. If u still wish to do, do it for it will make u happy, not them.. N let's pull off our attitude of the blame game.. You did this, you didn't do that, You didn't called, you didn't replied..WTF.. C'mon we all have a lot of tensions which are created by own, so why to add up to it by some fuckin' emotions which is never satisfied.. here, i don't mean, emotions are bad or useless, i just mean that ur emotions are your own and don't let it down cause of ur desire of expectations.. Leave urself free of expectations and the world around you will change automatically.. You will still feel good about what u did for anybody but u won't blame him/her for anything. How cute is it.. N trust me, i have been a changed man since i realised my ..and some more.. problem, i have no regrets, no complains, as i use to have dozens in handy earlier.. now which all seems to be summarized in 3 beautiful words, "blah blah blah".. and some more.. blah blah blah.. 

...and some more... is just a attitude, which can be a stepping stone to success to an optimist and a stumbling block to a pessimist.. I was a li'l bit away from my optimism, so it was looking the other way round.. Fighting with emotions is not easy, then when did i said to do so.. I just mean we need to channelise our emotions in proper manner so that it doesn't becomes a burden or tension for anybody else.. we don't need to blame anybody, we don't need to always keep our complain box with our self..Let's try something different with our self, something new which no one ever expected from us.. try this out.. keep ur complain box alas blah blah blah box at home, get free of your expectations and move out.. and take along with you, love, care, forgiveness, craziness, empathy... and some more... and some more...

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